Kenya Coriander

Herbs and spices are the common ingredients used to spice up foods throughout the world. Among them, coriander or Coriandrum Sativum L is one herb that imparts excellent taste to various food items. Not just because of its flavor inducing property, this herb is also loved due to its pleasant aroma and distinct appeal. Its special features also include pale pink or dazzling white flowers and pungent seeds.

Why Kenya coriander?

In Kenya, the herb thrives best in well-drained alluvial soils that are rich in organic matter. As far as weather is concerned, coriander requires mild warm to cool climatic conditions.

Kenya coriander possesses exceptional quality as it is grown in well-monitored conditions. A close watch is kept on the seeds till they reach the flowering stage. Once the planted seeds are converted into an excellent garnishing herb, the same can be used effectively for culinary purposes. These are the reasons our coriander is treasured and enjoyed in almost every household.

Types of Coriander Varieties exported by Kenya

Kenya is well-known to supply almost every variety of coriander including:

  • Leaf Cilantro – Herb with lacy green leaves and pungent smell. It should be noted that seed of the cilantro plant is coriander. Although both come from the same plant, flavors of coriander and cilantro are different.
  • Culantro – A biennial herb that is often mistaken for cilantro. Known as ‘spiny coriander’, this plant grows naturally in heavy soils. On the other hand, the herb requires well- irrigated shaded conditions under cultivation.
  • Vietnamese Coriander – Commonly eaten fresh in the form of salads, this perennial plant grows best in subtropical and tropical zones in warm & damp environment. Leaves of Vietnamese Coriander are narrow and darker with chestnut- colored spots on the top while the bottom is burgundy red.
  • Seed Coriander – A full-grown coriander plant that produces seeds. Seeds are processed and converted into powder form that is in turn used to spice up food items.


No matter which coriander variety you want to improve the flavor with, get it from Kenya Spices – one stop destination to buy coriander, that too at acceptable price.


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